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             "Be you, stay true, Piedmont Blue."


How do I book? What forms of accepted payment do you take?

You can book within our website using the “book online” tab! We accept payment of packages through through cash, cash application (Cash App), or Chase Quick pay option.


Which is the right package for me/what if I don't see a package?

Schedule a consultation with us and we’ll determine the right package for you! We may be able to do a custom package depending on the specific request.


How will I get my photos? Do I get RAW images?

All clients will be able to digitally download their photos through google drive. These photos will be in JPEG format. No RAW images will be given from the package.


What if I want extra photos (from my package)?

If you want extra photos from your package, you can refer to your individual contract to see how much the extra photos will be.


How long do you keep the photos (from my package)?

At Piedmont Blue, we keep client’s photos for at least 1 year from the original shooting date. These are held within our archives. After 1 year please contact us directly to see if we still have them availible to purchase. 


What is a retainer? What is the difference between a retainer and deposit?

A retainer is an amount of money paid upfront to secure the services of a Piedmont Blue. (This means the booking of specific shooting date.) This will be half of your deposit and is non-refundable. 
A deposit is essentially payment towards services, and is refundable. (in order to book all packages require a deposit.
During busy seasons this policy has been implemented to make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to secure a date for their package. First come, first serve. 


What if I don’t have a set location for my shoot?

We can help you find any appropriate location for any shoot. We specialize in scouting locations for specific packages.


What is the Expectant Delivery Time?

You can expect delivery of your package (digital photos) between a week/ a week and a half from the shooting date. We will contact you for your second consulation. 


What if I need to reschedule? 

You are able to have at least (1) rescheduled dates due to the rainy and/or snowy weather. Rescheduling more than (1) of the times allotted without weather issues will incur in a $50 reschedule fee at the discretion of Piedmont Blue.


Can I view a template of your contract?

Yes! You may view it below by pressing the word document! (Every client has a personalized contract that will be agreed upon after the first consultation). 

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